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In the months of April and June of 2019 a team of three climbers will face the ascent of the North Face of Everest - the highest mountain in the world - and will attempt the first ski descent dall'Hornbein Couloir - the rocky channel by 'peak of the peak drops steeply on the Rongbuk glacier.

A project that seems to speak the language of the records but that really speaks of exploration, the desire to confront themselves and the opportunity to feel strong.

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Day 1: Arrival in Kathmandu / Nepal (1,350 m)


Day 5: In the flight to Lhasa / Tibet (3,650 m)


Days 6/7/8: off-road from Lhasa, Shigatse through up to Thingri (4,300 m)


Day 14: Arrival at the advanced base camp (6,500 m) after 3 days of walking

23-04-2019 / 31-05-2019

Giorni 15-51: periodo di permesso alpinistico per l'Everest (8,848 m)

01-06-2019 / 03-06-2019

Days 52-55: return to Nepal, from Rombuk monastery in Thingri


Day 56: Crossing the border at Kerung (2,700 m)


Giorno 58: partenza da Kathmandu verso l'Italia

Il team

Team leader
The eyes and the voice of the team
The engine of the team

The mountain has taught me not to cheat, to be honest with myself and with what I was doing. If practiced in a certain way a school is undoubtedly tough, sometimes cruel, though sincere as always happens in everyday life.

Walter Bonatti
Mountaineer, explorer (1930-2011)

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